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E-Business Solutions

Web has totally reformed worldwide economy staggeringly. Web based business is no more a popular expression it is a reality, billions of dollars worth of stock and administrations are executed over the Internet every year. Web has obscured geologies; experts crosswise over various mainlands can team up on a solitary venture. The qualification amongst virtual and genuine is consistently vanishing. Not tapping Internet's enormous potential is not only a terrible business methodology but rather could be the distinction between business achievement and demolish.


Getting into an online domain does not generally require the substitution of existing legacy-based applications. Info Techno Solutions can help the SME fragment get on to the net by giving financially savvy arrangements in making their current legacy applications web good. Web-empowering these legacy applications brings about simpler and speedier access from numerous areas.

Info Techno Solutions offers three fundamental levels of web empowering relying on the need all of which are completely adjustable.

Introduction Level

In this level aside from making the application web available the look and feel and the application remain absolutely unaltered.

Utilitarian Level

In this level the current applications rationale is utilized as it is yet the data is introduced through another web open interface.

Information Level

In this level the programming rationale and the interface of the current application are changed keeping in place the information documents of the application.

Moving to Web Applications

For substantial center applications where having a more streamlined application is the key concern , Web - Enabling may really be of very little offer assistance. In such cases, the whole application should be changed over into an online domain guaranteeing that the present business procedures are not disturbed much.

Info Techno Solutions has the skill to guide organizations through the relocation procedure with least interruption to the center capacities.

At Info Techno Solutions, we trust that responsiveness is the way to choosing an e-business accomplice. Our e-business advisors work intimately with our industry specialists in solid, cross-practical venture groups that convey imaginative and creative e-business answers for our customers in a to a great degree responsive way.